About Me

Thanks for taking the time to get to know me, Kevin Miller and Business Growth. I’m an entrepreneur and small business owner and I love hearing about your new ideas and business opportunities to get the wheels turning and juices flowing. This is the exciting part after all isn’t it?  
My passion is listening to your business story and working with you through challenges to problem solve and identify alternate ideas and new areas for growing your business.
If you’re a new business start up or just thinking of starting your own business, I would love to hear from you, regardless of your stage on the business journey. You may be an existing business owner and looking at strategies to scale your business, connect with me today.
Having worked hands on for over 15 years in business, growing business from start up to multi million dollar enterprise and learning many valuable lessons along the way, I would love to share my knowledge, ideas and enthusiasm to grow your business. We can work together online, in person or alongside one another at my business workshops.

Why help small business?

There is no exact formula when it comes to business and personal success. Yes, there is a lot of noise out there, 10 x this and 10 x that. Proven formulas for success, tips from successful people and ‘ business experts’  The business landscape changes every day with more new social media platforms and must do’s every single hour. The business consultants will have templates, checklists and maybe even some fancy diagrams to show you where you’re going wrong.
I have been successful and continue to be successful by getting things done through hard work, forward thinking and a genuine and open approach to business and ongoing relationships. My language is easy to understand and my knowledge and experience is real. 
Business Growth and working alongside business owners like you, is allowing me the opportunity to put this into practice daily, helping business owners succeed and enjoying the learning, success and fun that it creates for our partnerships.
If you think we can work together and make some exciting things happen, get in touch today. 

Kevin Miller - Business Growth