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Business Coaching is one of those business terms that has been around for a while now. My own interpretation of  ‘coaching ‘ had always been in relation to sport or team environments. A successful coach would get the best from the individuals and the team through encouragement, accountability of performance and by identifying the areas that needed most support. I was lucky to be around this for many years in a professional soccer environment.

I dont think of myself as a business coach. I am someone who understands business, is passionate about success and enjoys working with individuals and teams to overcome challenges and get results. As a business owner working with me, we work through this putting our best assets together and getting you the business outcomes you want to achieve.

We will work together online and in person, to work through your goals in a one to one or team environment. Our business coaching process is generally carried out in this manner, but can be customised to suit your requirements –

  • Business Growth Needs Analysis and assessment to determine your business outcomes
  • Face to face meetings to discuss your needs analysis and plan moving forward
  • Business Growth Action plan and accountability documents provided, customised to your goals
  • Ongoing meetings in person or online to review, amend and strategise direction
  • Regular correspondence online and in person for accountability and support
  • Referral to our network of industry experts and professionals as required

If you would like to connect and start working together today, check us out on social media and get in touch here

Kevin Miller - Business Growth

let's talk!

let's talk!

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