Start a new business

Are you looking to start a new business, but don’t know where to begin?

You have the business idea, you’re excited and just want to get things moving. Or maybe you have had enough of employment and you want to evaluate being your own boss. We have been there and lived through that process many times before and have helped 100’s of business owners work through that exact business startup process.

Kevin is a business advisor with numerous government funded initiatives and business start up programmes and can provide you with access to the tools, resources and knowledge to help get your business started today. Not only can he provide the correct information, but Kevin can work alongside you and make sure you understand the process and benefit from his years of experience in business.

The best part is that most of Kevin’s services and experience is FREE or heavily subsidised from the Australian government.

What are you waiting for ? Get in touch today and start that exciting new business quickly and with confidence

Grow your business

Have you been in business for a while and are looking for business growth ?

Business is a journey and as business owners we are always learning and improving. As the business grow’s the business owner must grow with it. Business Growth can take many shapes and sizes, it can be more staff, increased turnover or a new premises. The key to successful business growth is ensuring that it is sustainable, manageable and profitable for you and your business.

This may take the shape of improving your business systems, sales process or hiring new staff. Regardless of your requirements, Kevin can work with you in your business to identify the direction and plan for your business scaling up and creating business growth. In addition to this, Kevin can also create sales systems for your business and train your staff to become better at sales and increase your sales conversions.

If you want to make your business better and create business growth get in touch with us today


Our Business Network

Do you need a recommendation for that business task you need to get organised?

Are you looking for an introduction to a business owner or industry professional?

Having been in business for over 15 years, Kevin has been lucky to work with hundreds of business professionals, experts in their field and small business owners who can provide value and quality of service to your business. Kevin is also a member of many local business organisations, business networking groups and government organisations. The Business Growth podcast and Small Business Radio show have also provided him with the opportunity to meet a vast range of hand picked business experts and successful people.

As a client, Kevin can connect you with his business network to improve your business with confidence in the knowledge that the referred business has been personally selected and endorsed by Kevin and Business Growth.

Get in touch with Kevin today and connect with us on social media, to find out more