Guest Speaking

Do you have a business event or function you would like Kevin to attend ?

Would you like Kevin as a guest on your podcast ?
Maybe you need an MC for your next event ?
Do you need someone to interview you or your guests?
Kevin would love to share his business experience with you, your team and your guests to learn and grow together. He can cover a broad range of business topics from entrepreneurship and small business through to scaling a business and business systems. Kevin talks openly and with purpose in a manner that is easy to understand for all business owners and entrepreneurs.
Kevin is available in person, online and via social media for live interviews and events.
Just some of the services he can provide  – 
  • Interviewing 
  • Podcast Guesting 
  • MC Services 
  • Guest Speaking 
  • Zoom interviews 
  • Business Panel participation
  • Business Networking Events attendance

Connect with Kevin on social media and find out more here