Sales Workshops

'Followers dont pay bills, customers do'

Kevin Miller – Business Growth

Would you rather have 1 more paying customer or 100 page likes? 
In a busy and noisy business world it is difficult to navigate where to begin, what job to tackle first and how to get your clients to pay for your product or service.There is so much information out there on how to market, how to find customers, social media engagement, but how do you turn those enquiries into sales?
Ultimately, the success of your small business is determined by paying customers and sales in the bank. 
After many years of training staff and working with small businesses to increase their sales, Kevin identified that there is an immediate demand for Sales Training in business. The principles and the process can be learnt, replicated and implemented in any size of business to increase your sales.
Our Sales Workshops and Sales Training is delivered online and in person throughout Australia. Join other business owners, organisations and Kevin as we have fun and learn the essential sales skills that will improve your business success today. Connect with me below to keep up to date on our upcoming workshops and online

Kevin shares below his top 5 tips for increasing your sales today -

  1. Sales is Customer service – Change your mindset when engaging with clients. Be customer serving, not self serving. Do not be scared to ‘ sell ‘ your product or service. If you are acting in the interests of customer serving and not self serving, you are doing the right thing. If your product or service fit’s the clients needs, what are you worried about?
  2. Sales is a process – Sales is something that we can practice, learn and get better at, just like any other business skill. Understand your sales process and create one. Do you have a sales process for your business?  
  3. Qualify – Qualifying your client is the process of ensuring they have the needs and resources to purchase your product and when. Simply put it is about asking the correct questions for your business and asking them at the right time. What are you asking your clients?
  4. Follow Up – There are so many ways to follow up with a client. SMS, email, in person, call. Following up should be part of your daily process and mastering this skill is vital to increasing your sales. What methods are you using to follow up your clients?
  5. Learn to shoulder shrug – You may not win every client or every job, but ensure you learn from the process. Put what you have learnt to use and become resilient. Learn to shoulder shrug, a client says no, what is the worst that can happen?